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Data Centers

Data Centers

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Dedicated Servers

Cloud System

Cloud System

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server

Hosting Solutions

Amexos offer a vide variety of hosting solutions on different platforms customized to your business needs..

Our hosting solutions include storage, backup and restore points. In our database platforms you can choose to pay per licence or implement open source based solutions. We Always offer our customers high availability technologies like load balancing, clustered solutions and replication for creating robust systems.

  • High Availability
  • 99.99 % Uptime Guaranteed
  • 100+ Server Solutions
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 100+ Functions

Deployment Solutions

Amexos offer different deployment solutions for your bug fixes and releases. We provide with automated solutions and configurations to make your enterprise effective.

We implement version tracking system and automated process management to make your system as smooth as possible

VPS Solutions

Amexos VPS (Virtual Private Server) solutions is scalable, robust and redundant and easy manageable

We offer solutions that is very effetive, reliable, flexible, secure with quality and cost effectiveness in mind.

VPN Solutions

Amexos provide with both VPN server and client solutions cuztomized to our clients needs.

We make remote connection and encryption easy for your VPN solutions with highly secure foundation in mind.


Amexos Encryption solutions are of highest quality and reliable solutions in the market

Our encryption solutions always include restore points and easy management.


Authentication and Authorization is something very important for secure IT systems and something we make an priority

We provide with user and group authentication and authorization with terms implemented in your IT system.


Partner with Amexos for IT security services that protect your Enterprise while reducing cost and complexity with reliable robust solutions

Our IT Security solutions is everything from complete firewall solutions to IT forensics and IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)


Monitoring Solutions that make you have Control over your entire server system.

We at Amexos think its very important to have an overview of your server systems with notifactions enabled to always notify our clients of the health of their server systems. We monitor everything from servers, firewalls, CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD, storage, databases, application server and web servers

Storage & Backup Solutions

At exmos we Think its important to provide reliable backup for large amounts of data and long-term archiving solutions .

NAS, SAN, Clustered Storage Solutions is just one of many storage and backup solutions we provide. We always make sure that our storage and backup solutions is customized to your business needs.

Database Storage

Our Database Solutions make sure your database systems are protected, redundant and effective

Amexos help you with both database design, database development and database administration both in RDBMS and NOSQL based systems. We make sure your database systems are right installed, configured, maintained and automated.

Cloud Hosting and Data Centers

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