About us

We specialize in Infrastructure
DevOps and SysAdmin In Amexos we believe in creating tailor specific IT infrastracture customized to your business or startup needs In Amexos we provide everithing from storage, backup, networking, server and customized infrastructure solution.

Visions: In Amexos we believe that we can solve all kind of problems in the world, everything from world hunger and poverty to cancer and genetic diseases. We want to provide with all the tools, resouces, systems and infrastructure to other companies for making that vision a reality. We want to provide with efficent Resource Management Systems but also efficent Bioinformatics Management Systems to researchers and innovative companies. Therefore Amexos is investing very much in emerging technologies and emerging markets to make a brighter tomorrow a reality.

Our Services

D evops and Sysadmin is just a number of our focus areas, we have over 19 years of experience in IT Infrastracture, everything from deployment, configuration management, database administration, server administration, monitoring services, backup and storage solutions, e-commerce setup, consulting, server performance testing, cloud and high availability technologies.

Our partners